Our main vision is to lead the analytical industry with innovation and become frontline service providers in analytical field for various sectors like pharmaceuticals, chemicals and dyes, agriculture and polymers. We believe in the inbuilt quality concept and are affirmed to provide the same to our partner industries and organization.

As a frontline service provider to various sectors, we strongly adhere to the quality principles laid by regulatory authorities and are committed to apply the same to each testing. We are always committed to bring new trends, innovations, methodologies and principles to the analytical testing to provide perfection to our clients and hence we are running our tagline as “WE BELIEVE IN INNOVATION”


To lead sector of analytics, research and development with newer technologies, innovations and constant upgradation

To execute and provide ethical practice to partners.

Committed to adhere to quality principles and providing quality end results.

To become a socially, economically and industrially responsible organization which can shape a better future for all.

To Endeavor for strong association with our customers and business associates.

About Us

We, RMS Scientific Services is Founded and lead by Dr. Pinak Patel and Ms. Rashmi Shukla, the former has over 12 years of experince in analytical chemistry, research and development, and regulatory sector. He has proven to be a valuable resource to industry, governments, consultants, educational institutions and health care professionals. We offers our expertise in sampling, chemical analysis, data interpretation, toxicology, and industrial problem solving through consulting. We are extending our service to Industrial sector including pharmaceuticals, agriculure, chemical and dyes. Apart from industrial touch we also extend our service to research organizations, analytical laboratories and academic institutes.

Our major experties includes abalytical method developments by HPLC, GC, LC-MS, GC-MS, HPTLC, UV, NIR and XRD/XRF. We are also expertise in spectral interpretation of chemical compounds through combined/ individual data of Mass, NMR, IR, UV, DSC. We also provide service with respect to prediction of toxicity including mutagenicity, carcinogenicity and associated genotoxic effects though regulatory softwares. We also offers training to academics as well as industry for constant upgradation as per regulatory guidelines (i.e Eudralax GMP, ICH Q guilines, NABL guidelines.